Why work in social care?

Imagine giving someone in Pembrokeshire the opportunity to stay in their home where they have lived for 40 years, full of memories of those they love, where they feel safe and secure.  Now imagine providing peace of mind to the sister of an adult with special needs who lives 5 hours’ drive away, because she knows that her brother is being regularly visited and cared for by friendly, trustworthy, and kind individuals.  

Supporting clients to live the life they choose is incredibly fulfilling; you’ll find helping them maintain their independence, an extremely rewarding experience. You can take great pride in what you do and leave work satisfied in the knowledge that you have had a positive impact on someone’s life. 

Here are the Top 10 Reasons our Carers choose to work in Social Care:

•​Every day is different 

•​You can make an enormous difference to the life of the client and their family 

•​Job flexibility 

•​Supportive environment

•​Friendly team

•​Job security 

•​Job satisfaction 

•​Career progression 

•​The hours fit around my family’s needs

•​Earn qualifications while you work….at no cost to you!

Already convinced that you think Social Care is for you. Fantastic! Send us your details to care@pemcare.co.uk and we’ll arrange a time for a quick chat.   

Need a bit more info? then read on… 

Being a Carer means you will constantly be introduced to new people, new environments, and new challenges.  At times it can be emotionally challenging, which is why we make sure you are part of a friendly team who will guide you and support you through any difficult times, help you develop the skills you will need and the ability to adapt to new situations.  We are not just a care team, we are a team that care.

Do I need to be a certain type of person to work in Social Care? 

We have a diverse range of wonderful people working with us at Pembrokeshire Care, the one thing they have in common is a real desire to help people. Our clients have their own challenges to cope with, so patience and good communication skills are very important.  A number of our clients tell us that it really helps them to be able to share their worries with our Carers, and that their kind, friendly and fun natures really lift their spirits. 

“Ultimately, you will need to build trust with your clients and those family members closet to them. Sometimes you are the only person they see during that day so it’s about making every moment you have with them count. I know I help my clients, but they also give me a lot back.” Donna Lewis, Area Manager.

Do I need any qualifications to apply?

A critical part of being a Carer is developing the skills and strategies for the job.  We would support you with formal and informal learning on the job.  

“You don’t necessarily need any qualifications or previous work experience to get a job in social care services. What’s important are your values and attitude towards working with people who need care and support.”  Chloe Tickle, HR Manager 

We provide learning and progression opportunities to all our Carers, with the opportunity to complete the following care-based apprenticeships:

•​QCF Level 2 in Adult Health & Social Care

•​QCF Level 3 in Adult Health and Social Care

•​QCF Level 4 in Adult Health & Social Care

•​QCF Level 5 in Adult Health & Social Care Management

We are happy to confirm that many of our Carer’s have progressed to levels 2, 3 4 and 5 which has placed them in good stead for internal progression.

Watch our recent interview with two of our managers who talk about their experience in completing their qualifications and progressing within the Company.   

What opportunities can I progress into?

At Pembrokeshire Care, and its group of companies, there are a wide range of care-based progression opportunities. Employees often begin their career as Carers before advancing to Deputy Team Leaders, Team Leaders and Area Managers.

We also have non-care based administrative opportunities. Carers can progress their careers working in administrative functions within the company and complete qualifications such as the ILM Level 3 & 5 in Leadership and Management and the CIPD Level 5 in Human Resource Management.

Whatever your end goals, working in care will develop your skillset and build a wide range of transferable skills which will set you in good stead wherever your career may take you. 

We are proud to say that many of our Carers have also progressed into a nursing or paramedic careers. The skills which they gained working as a Carer were invaluable in supporting their development into these careers.

What hours would I work?

We provide care 24/7, 365 days a year, but we want to help you schedule work time around your other commitments.  We work with you to try and offer you times and days that suit your lifestyle and availability, ensuring that these also work for the needs of the business and our customers. We understand that having a work/life balance is important!  We also offer contracts with fixed weekly hours to provide that all important job security.

Whether you are ready to take the plunge or want to chat to us to find out more send us your details today and we’ll be in touch for a chat: www.pembrokeshirecare.co.uk/join-our-team/