Gaining Professional Qualifications with Pembrokeshire College

Experience has taught us that completing professional qualifications improves our staff’s confidence, knowledge, and ability. Finding the right academic partner is a crucial part of this process as we want an organisation that will provide academic excellence while caring for and supporting our staff through the journey. We are happy to say that we get this and much more from Pembrokeshire College who offer a suite of Health and Social Care diplomas. 

We approached one of our key contacts at Pembrokeshire College, Lucy Brecon, Curriculum Area Manager, and asked her to write a guest blog for us about the Health and Social Care diplomas and what Pembrokeshire College has to offer. Over to you Lucy…  

What qualifications are available in Health and Social Care? 

 At Pembrokeshire College, we offer qualifications at levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. Typically, students take between 8 and 13 months to complete the qualifications at level 2 and higher, but the actual time needed depends on previous experience and knowledge.   

There are no formal requirements when applying for the qualifications, you just need to be in a relevant job role. We will consider each application individually. Successful students are able to manage their time effectively since they are combining the qualification with working to use their newly gained skills and knowledge in practice. Moreover, students should not shy away from contacting their assessor straight away should they have an issue.  

During the qualification, we teach students many valuable skills needed for working in health care roles. Some of the topics discussed during our qualifications are health and safety, person-centred approaches, and equality and inclusion. 

Depending on the level, students may learn to develop, implement, and evaluate personalised care plans. After completing Level 5, learners can apply as a manager with Social Care Wales. Many students, like Sam, move into higher supervisory or managerial positions after graduating.  

 “The Level 5 taught me skills and methods to deal with complex problems. I now take responsibility for developing courses of action, since I understand the different perspectives. After completing my level 5, I got promoted to Area Manager at Elliotshill. I think it is great that Elliotshill offered me the opportunity to develop my skills further!” – Sarah, Area Manager.  

 When starting a new qualification, students are expected to participate in weekly workshops, which take place online. After the first few weeks, students are expected to spend 1-2 hours a week on the qualifications. Since most of the learning journey takes place online and, in the workplace, students are not required to attend college on a regular basis. However, they are more than welcome to meet their assessor at college or take advantage of our great range of facilities, such as the well-equipped library.  

About Pembrokeshire College   

 Undertaking a qualification at Pembrokeshire College comes with many advantages, such as a £15/month gym membership, discounts at restaurants and beauty salons, and a day nursery provision, which is available between 8am and 6pm. Additionally, there is a reduced ticket process for the College pantomimes and performances, which are always very entertaining.  

As for the typical student, the College does not have one, as we see all our students as individuals with different levels of experience and needs. What’s important is that they are willing to learn. Through our inclusive learning environment, we work together with our students to understand their needs and have a range of college support services, such as counselling, safeguarding, medical, and transport, that our students can access if required.  

Through our award-winning learning and well-being support, we strive to help all our students, especially those with additional learning needs, learning difficulties, or disabilities as we want everyone to have a positive learning experience.  

What you need to know about working and learning at the same time.  

Pembrokeshire College works with employers like Pembrokeshire Care and Elliotshill to support learners on their journey. As employee Nicole says, “Pembrokeshire College and Elliotshill really worked together to make sure that I can still drive my daughter to nursery school while pursuing my level 3 apprenticeship. Without this flexibility, it would not have been possible for me to enrol in this qualification. It is amazing to receive so much support from both Elliotshill and Pembrokeshire College.”  

 During the qualification, students get to apply their new skills and knowledge directly at their workplace. This helps them better incorporate everything they have learned in the college setting and we always work closely with the individual and their employer in terms of scheduling work and learning. This makes it easier to combine working with pursuing a qualification at Pembrokeshire College.  

Should you be interested in pursuing a qualification at Pembrokeshire College, check out the possibilities via the following link: Health & Care – Pembrokeshire College.

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